Saturday, October 15, 2011

What not to do when involved in a car accident

Started out my day by being rear ended on the highway. I was sitting at the stop light in my husbands car, which I really typically don't drive. I was looking for the rear defrost when I felt the fast, sudden jolt. Safely, crossing the intersection before pulling off to the side, a young male roles down his window apologizing and claiming no damage. Preaching this warning to my kids since the time they started driving, I know I need to get out and assess the damage myself as well as exchange insurance information. Having said that, sometimes as a parent we don't always follow our own advice which later comes back to haunt us.

As I get out of the vehicle I feel absolutely fine. There appears to be no damage to either car. I immediately suspect the driver has no insurance as he is begging me not to call police and offering to pay if I see anything. I don't and I sympothize with the driver simply jotting down his license plate and make of car as he drives off. I'm actually comfortable knowing everything is fine and I've saved this kid for the day. A good deed for me today. He looks familiar and I'm pretty sure he used to hang around my youngest son.

Driving down the road I pull over to make a quick call to my husband whose only concern is if I'm ok. I next call my younger son to gossip about this mornings events. After not being able to answer his first question which was "who was it"? I relize I've failed to follow my own advice and my son is quick to point that out.

Continuing on to my girl scout meeting I again look over the car after reaching my destination. I now notice a black rubber scuff mark but still no concern. While sitting in training I start to become uncomfortable and find myself moving quite a bit. A headache has began to consume me. Still oblivious to the fact this is all due to the onset of the accident it isn't for yet another half an hour when I reach home that the pieces come together. Here I am. My neck hurts and is radiating into my shoulder. I have a headache and now my knee is also painful. I'm sure I'll be fine in a couple days but with no health insurance of my own I realize my good deed might have been my first mistake to protect myself.

I guess next time I might want to take my own advice when faced with the " to act or not to act" questions in life. Chalk this up as a learning experience.


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