Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some times health insurance has too much power.

We had two unexpected visitors tonight. My grand-daughters came to play. My day to sleep in was cut short when I received a early morning call with one of my daughters on the way to the hospital with a severe asthma attack. Turns out she has a pretty good case of bronchitis along with a bladder infection. After spending a greater part of my day trying to get her antibiotic my persistent approach eventually paid off. You have no idea what a triumph that actually was considering the insurance company has my daughter on restrictive care. Apparently, it's a burden for them that she has too many doctors treating her traumatic brain injury. I'll be sure we let the specialists know the insurance now knows more than they do. None the less, I did eventually accomplish the impossible and took the baby home with Gwama and papa for the night. Now if mommy will sleep maybe she can get better.
The next surprise was our little Emmy coming over to play. It seems like she's grown a foot since I last seen her. Mind you, this was maybe 2 weeks ago. It was a nice way to end a busy day and always a joy to see the kids.
Here they are playing babies.


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