Monday, October 3, 2011

The Bucket List

It's truly been a long and exhausting day. After rushing home from caring for mom I barely had time to grab food on the go before my service unit meeting for girl scouts. Yes, once again I'm a troop leader and although my days are filled I look forward to this journey with my 6 year old!

Shifting gears I wanted to share with my followers my moms current status with the stage 4 ovarian cancer. As most of you are aware she is out of remission. This means we are once again going through chemo therapy. Unfortunately, she is now allergic to the carboplatins which really limits available treatments. We were recently given some devastating news when the cancer doc informed us this is terminal with no future hope for further remissions. As you can imagine, this initially hit my mom like a ton of bricks and dropped me to my knees. We both had some high expectations and were truly not prepared for the news received. I immediately along with my husband, made the decision to make her dream of a NASCAR race a reality. I went online and purchased her and my dad tickets for both Saturday and Sunday races at Kansas city this weekend. God was with me when I was able to purchase front row isle seats on turn 1 for both days along with pit passes and a meet and greet before the race. We are hoping for a miracle meeting with Tony Stewart her number one and only driver for several years but as of now they can't guarantee it with all the days events and track promotions. As you can imagine she is dancing on a cloud right now and can't wait for the rumble of the cars live where she will experience a dream come true. Here she is in her racing coat and her truck gassed, packet and ready to go! Let's go racing!!!



I'm so happy her dream is coming true. You guys have made this happen for her and that's awesome!!

Borrowedangel Janna Rockenbach

Now, you put me in tears again. They are truly tears of joy, but still soggy sloppy tears. I don't know how to thank my daughter and son-in-law for making my dream come true. We will be leaving in 2 days and as each hour goes by, my heart starts racing faster and faster. I figure by time I get to Kansas City Speedway, I will be in pole position for excitement and the roar of the cars rumbling around the track. I am just so excited that I can hardly sleep. Tony Stewart is my favorite and I have followed him since he was a rookie. Hoping to be able to meet him, but if I don't, just watching him race in person is good enough for me. After all, if it weren't for my family, I wouldn't be going to any race. I also want to thank my boss for the free motel rooms for 3 nights. Gas prices are coming down just in time, so all that's left is a good safe trip to paradise. I feel the need for speed!!!! lol In other words...LEFT...LEFT...LEFT is what I will be watching. I have my digital camera with 8 gig of memory waiting to take all those pictures, movie camera to get the cars speed registered, new book computer that I bought tonight to write down my experiences, GPS to get there, Trip Map with route highlighted, gased up and ready to say.....BOOGEDY..BOOGEDY..BOOGEDY..LET'S GO RACING BOYS!!! Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I am a very happy 65 yr. old NASCAR fan that is the happiest person on earth. THANK YOU RICK AND TAMMI FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!! I love you so much.

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