Thursday, October 13, 2011

So you think Gastric Bypass Surgery is the easy way out?

We all know its not as attractive being overweight and most of us would love to be thin and look great in no matter what we wear. Do you know however, what the dangers are of being overweight? Obesity is a health risk. Excessive fat increases your chance of heart disease, having a stroke, diabetes, cancer, gout, gallbladder disease, gallstones, arthritis, and breathing problems including sleep apnea.

Next lets talk about the secondary health risks. Things like depression and anxiety. Do you realize how many overweight people deny themselves of living life to the fullest? I've known many people, like myself, who absolutely hate going anywhere in public. Simple things like swimming, amusement parks, school functions, out to eat, family gatherings, meeting new people, even job searches and promotions can cause anxiety in an overweight person. Even having your picture taken makes you run and hide or at least attempt to get in behind someone else.

My daughter, age 23, just had Gastric Bypass Surgery today. Was I concerned? Absolutely! I would be a fool not to be. In fact, I tried on numerous occasions to talk her out of it. To be honest, I've seriously thought about doing it myself. If it wasn't for having to give up my two biggest contributors, caffeine and cigarettes I probably would have. The problem is we all want a easy fix. We all wish it were truly as easy as everyone thinks. In all reality, Gastric Bypass has it's own health risks. It also doesn't come as easy as everyone might think. My daughter has been working with her surgeon for a year. My guess is, behind most overweight person lies someone with health issues, psychological issues or some other problem. Whether diagnosed or not most people have a reason they are overweight. Mine started as having thyroid disease. It escalated when I became even less active when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For my daughter, she was a very thin girl most of her life. She got pregnant at 16 years old and did initially lose weight after having baby. However, that was short lived when depression and anxiety became a major role in her life. She's battled the roller coaster of weight ever since going from one crash diet to another. Pressured by peers and trying to fit in she then began to drink to try and fit in. Again, combined with depression and anxiety she quickly becomes consumed with drinking. It wasn't until she started having other health issues and her life began to spin out of control that she seriously started talking about having Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Thanks to the surgery that has a very strict protocol she underwent many physical and psychological exams. Her doctor ordered counseling and she put herself in treatment. Her life is truly for the better. After years of depression and anxiety shes finally living life and feeling great about herself again. After successfully completing treatment she has a fantastic outlook on life again. Despite all the wonderful things that are going on for her she still has other health issues which prevent her from working a lot of jobs and she still battles her weight. Sometimes you have to step back, take a deep breath and ask which outweighs the benefits. For her, it was weight loss.

So, no, it is not a quick fix. Its not taking the easy way out. This is a lifelong commitment that took over a year to get here. For good or bad this is her new life. I pray for the best for her. I wish her great success and I hope she is able to live every day to the fullest. I hope she is able to smile confidently again and that everyday is a blessing and better than the day before.

Gastric Bypass Surgery goes far beyond looking good in your clothes.



I know that many people like me, absolutely hate the people anywhere. Simple things, such as swimming, amusement parks, school functions, eating out, family gatherings, meet new friends, or even looking for work and promotional activities may result in an overweight person's anxiety.

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