About Me

At 44 years old I never really thought of myself as old. Just more or less an older version of the person I remember myself to be. I am a parent, a grandmother, past daycare providor and foster parent for many years now. I've done everything in my life from janitorial to Real Estate. It all comes back to two things. My love for family and making the difference in the life of a child. Although I studied human services in college I dropped out after 3 years. I don't perclaim to be an expert. I've worked with ARC, child abuse, behavioral issues, homelessness as well as chemical dependancy. I myself, was once a victim to domestic abuse. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 7 years ago. Although it definately takes its toll on me I shove forward. I refuse to let life pass me by because of my MS. I have 5 children. Ages 23, 22, 20, 18 and 5. I have been through teen pregnancy not once but twice. Both girls were 16. My story may not be unique but it is the real world. Like me or not I am me.