Thursday, October 13, 2011

A day in the life of a cancer survivor

It's Thursday morning and that means it's back to the cancer center. We've spent nearly the past year and a half here every Thursday. It's a pretty typical day with lab work starting at 9am followed by a visit with the cancer doc before heading off for chemo. As I sit in this small 8x10 room separated nearly by a curtain I watch as nurses and numerous volunteers hustle by. I recognize many familiar faces. Some have also been here awhile others I can tell are new. I've learned to differentiate by the look of the unknown on their faces as well as pain and sorrow in their eyes. I am only grateful for the wonderful care team who is always eager to please and make each person feel cared for and important.

As my eyes glance around our room my mother naps in her recliner; wrapped up cozy beneath 2 cotton warmed Blankies. Her IV cocktail is the usual combination of chemo & magnesium. her NASCAR is on. A repeat of the past weekend events which she thoroughly enjoyed being a part of.

Yes, my mother is a survivor! I am so proud of her compassion for others, her will to fight and the strength she continues to move forward.



Her fourth cocktail is usually a combination of chemotherapy and magnesium. She NASCAR. A repeat event this past weekend, as part of her fun.

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