Monday, January 30, 2012

Todays Family Humor

My son calls me today. A little short of breath, calm but I knew something was definitely wrong by the tone in his voice.

He tells me or at-least what "I" heard was that he believes there is a fire at his apartment. It's hot and the lights are all out. He's trying to find his shoes in the dark and the smoke is getting worse. He questions if he should bang and doors and help evacuate. I can hear him fumbling around and I can tell the smoke is getting to him. I tell him just get out and I'm on my way.

I proceed to attempt to call my husband at work as I'm racing out the door in such a hurry I lock myself out of the house and am now banging on the door trying to get my daughters attention. With keys now in hand I'm blazing down the road while once again calling husband. This time I call his work rather than cell. After leaving a message i continue on both hands on the wheel, tunnel visioned and imagining what I'm going to arrive to.

As I reach my destination just a couple minutes away I'm surprised to not see flames. I do see fire trucks and squad cars. There are people standing outside as firemen are all around. I hear more trucks coming as I cautiously look for my son. Not finding him anywhere and now in a panic I attempt to call his cell only to get voice mail. I immediately call back and am relieved but very confused when he answers from his apartment.

I try to put the pieces together as he tells me the firemen wanted him to stay. Confused, I ask why? He tells me it's his apartment! I question why someone else was evacuating him then? He says I heard him wrong. He was wondering if he should evacuate people. As he continues on I learn a spatula has fallen out in the bottom of the dishwasher which tripped the circuit turning off all power. The apartment is full of smoke and the officer had called for back up. Even the apartment manager and police didn't recognize it was in the dishwasher.

Now almost in tears I can't control my laughter as I hear a "thanks mom, you would laugh" on the other end of the line. By now the firemen next to him also chuckles.

My son says this is the most embarrassing day of his life. I add, well it could have been worse. You could have evacuated the building. We all got a good laugh at his expense.


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