Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being true to yourself and knowing those limits

Only after extensive thought and investigation have my spouse and I made an informed decision to not move forward with accepting the children which were offered to us through relative care. I realize some people may judge us negatively for our decision, but we must also be true to ourselves and our family. Which means far more than doing something to please or impress others.

Although I personally am deeply saddened to turn away a child, we also must take into account our own limitations. In this case, the amount of ongoing and lengthy transportation we feel was just too much for us to manage. At 40 hours a week in drive time alone we feel we would be compromising not only our own family but the children in question. Along with the already negative and crippling feedback we have encountered by some, has played in our decision to leave the past in the past.

We wish them well and are confident the system will work. We will however, be a support system through the county as needed.


Kim Croisant

awww - so glad you found me. We know first hand what Kinship is all about. That's how we got Brody.

Stop by when you can. God be with you and all that you do!!

Mommie...Again to Brody...our GrandSON


Thanks for checking by my blog. I've just stopped by yours to say hello. What a great blog, such a wealth of information! I've just started following...I think I am your 100th follower. Congratulations!
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Predictable Me

Thank you girls!!! Welcome I look forwRd to your feedback.

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