Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eddys Resort Review

We check in at 4:30pm Friday. There is one person on duty to run the front desk. This immediately poses a problem as there are several other guests waiting to also check in. I notice the staff person becomes overwhelmed as numerous phone calls are coming in and she starts making one mistake after another. Sometimes the phone is answered while she stops helping the guest to answer a call while other times calls are unanswered. Several people are interrupting her check ins by wrong rooms, bedding, questions and the need for her to call for shuttles.

As I finally get to the desk we too have an issue. While two rooms were reserved all weekend the third room has been double booked and I'm informed they have no where to put us on the second night.

I ask if there are 2 cribs available or if my son should bring ours with from home. I'm assured they have plenty and she will bring two in a few minutes.

I park the car which is close to the door and start hauling everything to my room. Upon entering our double queen luxury room it becomes apparent this room is not clean. While one bed remains unmade the other has what appears to be human poop on top of the cover. Not believing my eyes I walk over pull the cover down and see hair all over the bed. I immediately call the front desk. The girl reasures me she will be but a moment and call me right back.

As I sit on the chair waiting to unpack I grow impatient as three hours have passed. I use the bathroom when I see the towels are also dirty and there's garbage in the can. I again call the front desk and she apologizes as she is still alone and swamped. She's not done anything to resolve our issues yet.

After another half hour, crying babies and still haven't eaten I now go to the front desk. Several people are still checking in. She's also having to stop for calls as well as sale pizzas to guests. There is not one room available and eventually she decides to leave the front unattended and come clean the room herself.

Feeling empathetic for her I quickly help her make beds as she does what she can as fast as she can. She finally brings one playpen and can only locate one feather topper. The second bed still has just a sheet. She leaves stating shell be right back with the second comforter and playpen.

Another hour has passed before I finally go back yet again in hopes we can get some children to bed. We do get another feather topper but no playpen.

She attempts to make things right by requesting we be comped a room the second night on the room they screwed up on. I'm given a confirmation code and am confident we can now rest at ease.

Finally in bed I hear what sounds like a party next door. About ready to beet my daughter, whom I assume is making all the noise, i walk out in the hall and discover it's coming from the 50+ individuals between us and our sons room. I roll my eyes take a big breath and retire to bed.

Saturday morning is a new day. So I hoped. Shortly after waking a fire ball shoots across our room from an electrical outlet. Now ive just had enough. My son grabs the chord from the wall and I take it down to the front desk. While there I also question my comped room for tonight. I'm origionally told I will have to pay full price and it doesn't seem the manager is too concerned with the clock. Eventually I'm told we will pay half price which I'm basically forced to pay or go home. Supposedly maintenance will be coming however, after two hours there no where in sight. Housekeeping did make an appearance but they have no idea what's going on or where anything is. They don't usually work here but have fired 3 people for a lengthly history of not cleaning rooms!! Really!

The view is beautiful and the room is nice as well. The service is some of the worst I've ever seen. I'm hoping for a better stay the rest of our time here.

We plan to go ice fishing, ice skating, sledding and play some slots. That is after my husband gets back from the hospital down the road. You see he fell on the ice and we believe may have broke his arm by the elbo. Yep, you got it!!!!

It's now been several hours and yet another electrical outlet on the same circuit smells like it's burning and still no assistance.

Time to check out the casino and get away from this cursed room.

Picture one is of unmade bed when we arrived. I won't gross anyone out with the human poop on bed but trust me the front desk verified it.

Picture two room today.

Picture three were questioning. Is this what they do with cursed rooms? Lol

Picture four, it's confirmed my husband has a radial head fracture. It's broke!


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