Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Relative care

Most of my followers know my passion for helping people especially when it comes to a child in need. This in part, is what allows me to care so much about the lives of all the little people who I've come to know through the years, who for one reason or another were placed in our home. For me, it has always been simple. To make a difference in the life of a child. To make the difference in the life of a family. So that with guidance and tools, one day with alot of hard work a family can be reunited.

Many times these children come to us within an hour of us receiving a call. Sometimes this can be the middle of the night. Rarely do we know the child. The child often is afraid. Can you imagine what some of them have witnessed in the moments before being taken away by a police officer or child protection officer? For that matter, can you imagine what some children have witnessed or been subjected to for months, years, or even their entire lives?

But what happens when this child or children are relatives? Someone you love with all your heart or someone you barely know but simply share DNA. Over the years, we have received several calls from child protection questioning relationship with one child or another. Ironically, every single time we've been contacted, it's either been a distant relative or one that barely knew we were alive until they lost their child. While we would take any child relative or not, distant family can sometimes be the most difficult. This is true once again. It's often not the parent, or the child but that of the extended family. Although it may be hard for them to understand we have done this many times and respect the fact that it can take a village to raise a child. None the less, we sit back and question will two more children soon be joining us for awhile? Knowing you are the right choice to help and having outside family members disagree can put us in a awkward position. To help or not to help? The last thing children need in this situation is family conflict. Time will tell.....


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