Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Life as a Caregiver (a bit crazy I know)

6:30am  My cell phone lay next to me buzzing like crazy. All I want to do is stay in bed. This not being an option, I automatically go on auto-pilot. I fight to open an eye as I locate my facebook app on the almighty Iphone. (My lifesaver by the way) Barely making out whats infront of me while rubbing my eyes I attempt to make out the words. I NEED to know upon waking all thats happened in the 6 hours I've been away from it. While stumbling to the bathroom I manage to check my blog for any existance of new members. An exciting morning ritual thats slowly growing. Next I slowly, yet reluctantly, move towards our 5 year olds room. I've learned this must be accomplished with extreme caution and near CIA fashion. I test the waters by turning on her light. As if preparing for battle, I softly wisper her name. Steadily, yet swiftly, I move in closer. Knowing time is of essence, I know what I must do. As I draw closer I prepare for what surely will become the next greatest civil war. In hopes of reaching the enemy by suprise I plan to ambush her. Again, I repeat her name. This time with more authority while trying to remain calm. She explodes like a grenade pushing me back to the door. Its on.... while she may be small and fast I have years of experience and determination on my side. I go back in for hand to hand combat and acomplish the master plan which is getting her butt out of bed and ready for kindergarden. At precisely 7:30am we are out the door and on our way. Upon dropping my little princess off I must rush home for what will soon be my next mission.
Reaching the driveway I take a deep breath. I must be alert at all times for now I am dealing with a little more experience. At 18 years old, this one knows EVERYTHING! She's a mother for god sakes! Standing in the doorway I spot her. (And shes armed with the baby!) I smile. She instantly dashes out mumbling something about the time. Of course I'm aware of the time. I decide the only way I'm going to make it out alive is to drop off the oldest first. The wee one isn't a issue. I immediately turn up the radio and stare stright ahead. The goal is to at all cost avoid eye contact. I see her out of the corner of my eye texting on her phone. I make the mistake by letting my guard down and in an instant its Drama 101. I try to change course but its to late. This child has had 18 years of speaking abilities and several years of auctioneering apparently. I start to feel as though Im in a Charlie Brown cartoon when I see our destination approaching. Thank God for high school. I pull up to the door as I drop her off and like the dukes of hazard pull out before the next car tries to pass. Its like Nascar racing as I leave this hick school. I cant help feel joy as I know its going to be a peaceful ride from here on out.
Heading down the road I find myself eager and suddenly recharged as I sing some new country song when  I hear the start of whinning. While checking my rear view mirror I see what I call the "stink eye" directed towards me. Thank heavens were pulling into the parking lot. I've managed to avoid conflict with this one.
After dropping off the one year old I leave slowly and head to where I will remain most of the day.
I arive at moms whome I've taken care of since her cancer diagnosis this past March. Walking in I overhear her on the phone. I stop and I listen. My God I've just walked in to the BIG CATS house. I grit my teeth and prepare to defend as I relize theres nowhere to hide. Thankfully she gets off the phone and I see a smile. Yes. Defeat at last. We spend the day cleaning, baking, running erronds and talking. A few phone calls but other than that pretty low key. 2:00pm Time to pick up my princess. I await the long line at school before rushing back to moms where we spend the rest of the afternoon ice skating. We arive home at 4:30pm in time to make supper and start on homework. My knight arives at 5 with the wee one. I finish up making supper. The 18 year old is at work so I'm babysitting too. A phone call from my daughter-in-law checking on my blog and a quick chat with another grand daughter as Im setting the table. My husband is cranky that Im on the phone. Hes hungry and asks what I did all day? Sarcastically and boldly I say "NOTHING"! "Nothing at all"! As I put the baby in the high chair my phone once again is ringing. This time its my daughter. The older one. Now she is 22 and this is precisely where our 18 year old learned all her skills. As she rambles along; I attempt to eat dinner. Meanwhile, my husband and little princess interupt me every 5 seconds. I finally get off the phone and enjoy my meal with the family. While clearing the dishes another child rushes through the front door with his girlfriend. I believe they must have ran down the steps as it sounds like a bulldozer has just went through the side of my house. Not to worry though, its just someones head. There wrestling Im told. I shake my head and fall over the dog while trying to run for cover. I reach the top of the stairs when sarge yells for a towel. Apparently, he's already bathing. After running up and down the steps a few times; I arive just in time for the phone. Its my daughter again. She remembered why she called.....bla bla bla somemore. I finish the dishes. Get the little ones playing, and run back down to check laundry. From below, I hear my brother-in-law, who is currently spending some time with us. My heart skips a beat. I think its the 18 year old. As she gets baby ready for bed I try to hide but the dog gives me up. The princess is off doing her own thing. Just when I think I might have time to write on my blog; Im informed I need to run to the store. With homework and cleaning done I spend some quality time playing with the kids before reading a bedtime story, and getting them cleaned up. The phone has only interupted me 2 more times. Once from my daughter. The other my mom. Now 10pm I sit down to watch some tv when a small voice from the bedroom wants a drink and another story. I lay with her a bit until the oldest son calls. He questions what Im up to and tell me about his day. I get off in time to hear my brother-in-law say goodnihjt to sarge as I sneak down to my computer in the basement. I hear the door slam before I relize the other son has just left. Quiet at last. Some time for me. I stay up until midnight when I fall into bed and relize theres a 5 year old and full size dog in my bed. I know better. I slowly walk to her room. I crawl into her bed and turn on the tv. Good night atlast.



Wow. You're a busy gal. I resonated with your Facebook ritual. I read somewhere that 78% of people 18-34 check their Facebook page before they get out of bed. (I'm not part of that age group but I do it!) And, I took care of my Mom for years after her diagnosis. It sure brought back some memories. Glad I found your blog via MommyBloggers.


Thanks for coming by my blog. I'm following you via GFC.


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