Friday, January 28, 2011

Foster Care Rewards & Struggles

I am so tired I cant wait for bed tonight. I spent most of the day at the ER with our little foster child. Coming home knowing she was hospitalized was tough. My responsibility and heart was with my kids at home and I missed them dearly after being gone all day. I still can't help feeling bad for leaving a little girl all night without me. The poor little thing has been through a truly rough day. I hope you will keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.
People often ask if its hard doing foster care? To be honest, yes sometimes it is. Its hard to care for a child as if their your own and then return home. But to be honest that is the best reward a foster parent can have. To know you made the difference in the life of a family or a child. Sometimes kids are tough, sometimes parents are. Sometimes its at know ones fault. You see people think of foster care as bad parents or kids in trouble. That's not always true. Sometimes a parent is ill or hospitalized. Sometimes a housing crisis or job loss. I try and treat every child as if they are my own children. I treat them the way I would hope someone would care for my child and love them.
Sometimes a child leaves and you never see them again. You wonder what ever happened. You pray their ok. Sometimes you see them or they find you. Those are the stories that make it all with while. What they or their families probably don't know is that each and every one of them has impacted our life in someway too. We never forget them either.
Hold your family dear and cherish every day. Good night all.


Stefany T

Good for you for making the difference in the lives of children. You are a wonderful person for opening your home and heart to needy kids.

Following you now. :)


I just found you through and am a new follower.

I admire you so much for being a foster mother. It is my goal in life to eventually do the same thing. I can't wait to read all of your posts about it!


I saw your post on bloggy moms. Thought I'd stop by. Don't feel alone! It's hard to blog. I think that we all need friends in the blogosphere.

We wanted to adopt a few years ago, but it fell through. I am guessing it just wasn't Gods plan for us. I'm grateful for the 3 kids I have. Sometimes I still get annoyed that it did not work out, but I'm overwhelmed as it is so life is ok! Good to meet you :)


I think it's a wonderful thing to be a foster parent. I'm your newest follower from Bloggy Mom. Hope you will check out my blog and follow back.

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Predictable Me

Thank you every one for the wonderful words of encouragement. Although we are foster parents and expect nothing in return its nice to hear so many people in favor of it. Often times people don't understand. We love what we do and that is helping families and children in need.


Hey, I'm following you now! Thanks for following me too. Also, it's cool to read about you being a foster mom, I spent a short time with a foster family when I was a teen.


Thanks for following just returning the love.
I read through your "about me" and a few posts an truly inspiring and encouraging.
Looking forward to reading more!


Wow, you've lived quite a life so far. And thanks for writing that about foster care. I tend to forget about the different kinds of circumstances that can lead to people having to give up their kids.


Hi! New follower here. I really admire you for being a foster mom. More people should be like you. Keep up the good work and good luck with your blog too!


My older sister is a foster mom an can be so rewarding and so hard all in one.iBut it is people like you and my sister that give children another chance at love.


Predictable Me

Thank you so much Heidi. Its truly a reward for me as well. :)

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