Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Foster Care Arrival Brings Plenty of Joy to the Household Today

What an exhausting past couple of days. My mom just had surgery yesterday and today after leaving her home with our 5 year old I rushed home just in time to welcome our newest guest. Today I was so proud of my kids as they were so helpful with the 1 1/2 year old who came to stay through foster care. Just when you think your life is busy you realize there's always room for one more. What a precious little girl and god bless my kids who were truly a huge help in helping her to adjust. She looked pretty excited to see a whole den devoted just to toddlers and baby's in our home. :) Ya that's me... I love kids!

I must say I have the most amazing husband in the world to put up with me. Don't let him fool you though, he's a big ole softy himself. It takes a lot of love, multi-tasking and help to get through our days:)

Early morning tomorrow. School for some and off with two little ones to care for mom. I love my life!



congrats on the new little addition hope she loves it there :).

Predictable Me

Its definately been a day of adjustment but not for her for me:) She is ajusting very well. Actually I am also I just need to tweek my schedule a bit. Im a super mom you know. haha I wish:) Thank you....

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