Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Breast Feeding

Lately I hear a great deal of controversy over mothers breast feeding. Specifically breast feedig in public. Although I myself, bottle fed all of my children I believe its not really a "public" issue. Why is it when a person becomes pregnant one of the first things people ask is "are you going to breast feed"? I mean honestly... When I got married people didn't ask if I was going to have sex. A bit harsh I know and with a lot of sarcasm but why do people think they have a right to know? What really gets me is strangers will do it too. For that matter, just because a woman is pregnant isn't an open invitation to walk up and touch someones belly nor can you hold or touch their child whom you don't even know.

Now, having said this.... I did bottle feed my children. For me it was never a concideration. I, myself, ME, my opinion, am not comfortable with breast feeding. I never have been. But I was never around it. Being pregnant I never gave it a second thought. I knew what I would do. However, I am certainly not against mothers who DO breast feed by any means. Is it natural? YES, obviously! Is it cheaper? YES
Mothers who do breast feed say they feel a closer bond. Do I know that? No because I bottle fed. They say they have healthier babies. I don't always agree with that but Im not an expert. Personally speaking I think it has alot to do with the mothers nutrician and how she takes care of herself. I do know that from what I've seen it takes a lot of dedication, hard work, education on the issue, and alot of people can't do it.

So getting back to my origional statement... Why is it so controversiol? Who the heck knows. Because like everything else we tend to make other peoples business our business if its different than our own beliefs. I say to breast feeding moms who are doing their best, eating right, avoiding alcohol, ...etc Good for you. To heck with the poloticians and public. And to bottle fed moms... good for you too. It is a PERSONAL CHOICE!

For those who do want information on breast feeding I do follow some that I list on my blog. You might also check out The Great Letdown. I think she has a very good handle on what she is doing and educates herself on the matter. She even has reviews! 
Click here to check out the The Great Letdown



Thanks for the link to our blog! what a great story. Thanks for allowing mothers know that even bottle feeding moms give breastfeeding moms kudos and visa-versa

The Great Letdown
Megan, owner/author

The Dixon Spot

GREAT POST! I breast fed for 6 weeks and so many people made me feel guilty for giving up. I had never been around breast feeding and just didnt have the support to keep going. It was hard, but I have to say I enjoyed my baby and my time with my baby much more when I started using a bottle. My husband also enjoyed helping with the feedings as well.


Great post! I totally agree! Found you on bloggymoms, newest follower!

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