Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My purpose for blogging

While so many things seem to ramble through my mind at any given time.... this blog has been a great release for me. I truly believe in quality rather than quantity so I don't have a lot of posts up yet but trust me I have alot of ideas and alot to say on a whole ton of everything. From being a kid to a teenager, being a parent, breast feeding....I want to be heard! This is my place!!!

It all started around Christmas time. My daughter-in-law told me she had a blog. I read it a couple times and thought it was pretty cool. No big deal really. I didn't honestly see what all the hype was about to be honest. Jokingly one day I said well I could blog, I have plenty to say. She said do it then. I laughed it off and then one night while sitting around (my brother-in-law was hogging our TV) I looked up blogging and tried to find things of interest. Immediately, as though it was meant for me to see, I read a blog on a grandparent who had adopted their teens child. It was all wrong. It actually infuriated me! This person was complaining about how she never wanted to adopt this child and it was the worst mistake she had ever made in her life. I went on to then search other grandparents and "Kinship adoptions" ALL WERE MUCH THE SAME! That was it.... right then and there I made the decision I needed to have a voice. I being a foster parent, a parent and having two pregnant teen daughters needed to let others see the other side.
     #1  Not all teen moms come from broken homes
     #2  Not all teen moms come from poor family's
     #3 Not all teen moms have a poor education or further more go on to be drop outs
    #4 Not all teen moms live on welfare or even apply for welfare
     #5 Not all teen moms are gold-diggers. (my daughters never asked for a dime) Not once!!
     #6 Not all teen moms only think of them selves
     #7 for anyone thinking that teen moms who get pregnant are "easy" let me tell you this... most teens are doing it whether we want to admit it our children are or not. Its just lucky more kids aren't pregnant. I've also learned the first ones, especially girls, who talk behind other girls back are having sex too. They just haven't been caught yet.
I won't go on with the numbering... You get the idea.

Now regarding Kinship Adoptions, and in my case grandparent adoptions.:
First of all, you do have a choice. For those that said "they had no choice" bs! Shame on you. If you did not absolutely love that child with all your heart in the first place why in the world would you ever in a million years have adopted? To read some of the things I read made me cry. It moved me enough to write this blog. To actually dedicate my blog to its cause.

I do have alot to say about so many issues and I will. For now I wanted to say this is a blog dedicated to life. The good and the bad of parenting and family issues. Although I plan to gear it more specifically to the adoption of our youngest daughter (whom happened to of been our grandchild) I think its important for people all all ages to know they have choices in life and you need to consider the child in every decision you make. Like I said I also do foster care. I've seen my share of heartaches.

I look forward to meeting a lot of new friends along the way. Thank you for following and please feel free to write questions should you have them. I will try my best to find you answers or connect you with the resources you need.


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