Friday, January 14, 2011

Taking Life for Granted

Its hard to believe our oldest is already 23 years old. Nearly 24...where did time go? Often times we get so caught up in our daily lifes that we forget what's important in life. I remember vividly being a young parent while going to college and working. I was 21 when I had my first child. Parenting seemed to come more easy for me but then I had been babysitting from the time I was 11. Having 4 children within 5 years would have driven most todays young parents over the edge but to me I found it quite the opposite. They were playmates and best friends. Looking back, I, like most parents, look forward to all their childs milestones. It seems were always waiting for the next step. To smile, to crawl, walk and talk. Then of course, it's Kindergarden and so on. So many things you always promiced yourself you'd accomplish tomorrow and then too soon time is gone and tomorrow never came. Just a few short years ago our now, 18 year old, would run to the car when I came home from work to greet me. I guess we take it for granted. For lack of appreciation, it's too gone. Next thing you know they want to be with their friends and start dating and somehow you're left behind. They get jobs and start driving and start raising their own families and you relize you wish you could just take back time. What I wouldn't give for family vacations, summers at the lake or to just feel their little arms around your neck just for awhile longer. Truth is every year we make resolutions to change and most of us slowly slip back into our routines. I find I have so much more patience with our youngest and grandchildren that I never had when the older kids were younger. Sometimes it saddens me to wish I could raise them all over again. How different it would be......

Its not just our children. Nearly a year ago my Mom was diagnosed with stage 3ovarian cancer. I couldn't bear the thought of loosing my mom. I prayed selfishly and asked the Lord to keep her with us if even just for awhile longer. I prayed that we be able to spend more time together and do some of the things we too hadn't done in years. Now, I relize you can never truly be prepared and I know I will never be able to let go. However, God must have believed she had unfinished business too because our prayers were answered by Gods amazing grace when in September mom went into remission.  We have spent countless hours together ever since her initial diagnosis. Whether it was chemo or the number of amusement parks, pools, zoo's and anywhere else we went we have been creating memories that I will always hold dear. Sometimes we just sat outside or did nothing at all. Sometimes we cried and other times we laughed until we cried. Most importantly we were taking time out of our lives to share together. Don't take life for granted.... you never know when tomorrow doesn't come.


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I have a boy that just turned 11 and a girl 6. Let me say after all the shrieking to get them ready for school I often find myself saying things like I can't wait until you're older. Or, just wait until you have kids like you! I mean the fact that he is already 11 is scary and sad. I need to take a step back and breathe. They are only young once, how true!

What wonderful news about your mother. My mother passed eight years ago at the age of 58 of Lung Cancer. What I wouldn't give to have even one more day with her. Enjoy every second!

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This is so very true! I find myself stuck between wishing my kids were older and wondering what I'm going to do when they are all grown up!

I can soooo relate!

Great news about your mom! I think God makes us stop and realize what's really important sometimes...

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Thanks for following Raising Future Leaders! I'm now your newest follower of your wonderful blog! Such incredible timing that you would find me today of all days as we are dealing with a crisis related to child abuse. My 16 yr, old son was confided in by a friend his age who said she has been abused by her foster patents for many years. Her 18 yr. old sister confirmed it and now we are trying to figure out how to help them. The worst part is that we are friends with the parents. It is such a difficult situation.

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thanks for finding my blog through mommyblogs, I am following you back. Look forward to hearing about your family.


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A huge thank you to all my newest followers. Lisa, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family along with the victims. I know you must feel overwhelmed by this tragedy. You should feel comfort that you have raised wonderful children and that your son must be a wonderful friend. May an angel be with you to guide you all on this journey and help in the healing.


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great post!!!

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