Friday, February 10, 2012

Practice fire safety when using a kitchen toaster.

Many years ago one of my best friends had a house fire caused by a toaster. Growing up, she was always advocating to peers to keep toasters unplugged. Out of respect; I did. It's something that stayed with me even as I raised my own children. I found myself constantly behind my spouse and children unplugging the chord. I can't even begin to tell you how many nights I walked back to the kitchen just to double check.

Earlier today I'm making toast. I was busy mopping the kitchen floor when I heard it pop up. I thought I would finish first when I smelled something burning. I walk out and can't believe my eyes. My 4 slice toastmaster is still glowing hot and the levers are both up. I decided to watch it for several minutes to see if it would shut off.

After maybe 5 minutes I did in fact unplug the toaster. It did not shut off. It appeared to glow even brighter. I have no doubt this toaster would have eventually ignited had I not unplugged it.

A fire safety tip: always unplug toasters when not in use. One never knows.


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Stacy @ Cardigans and Crayons

Thanks for the tip!

Found you through the blog hop. Can't wait to read more!!

Tammy H.

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Amen! My Dad is a fireman and has tons of stories like that. Toasters are wonderful but can indeed be dangerous. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
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Wow, I'm glad I always put mine up after each use! Thanks for the info & thanks for following me on LF I'm following you back on LF and NetworkedBlogs.

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Thanks for becoming a Linky follower - I am following you as well. I am glad to hear that you noticed the toaster before it got any further. So scary....

Nancy @ A Rural Journal

How awful! I never even think of unplugging my toaster, but you can bet I will now!

Thank you so much for the follow -- following you now too! :)


Good reminder!!! I've heard stories too...
Thanks for visitng and Linky Following...I'll follow back :) Laurel

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