Thursday, February 23, 2012

Look great and feel fantastic a inexpensive way to become physically fit!

medicine ball also known as an exercise ball, is a very inexpensive, useful piece of equipment used in many different activities.  Medicine ball training is one of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning training which has once again made its way back has become an important addition to your workout. Often used  by athletes who have sustained an injury and seek rehabilitation and strength training, it serves an important role in the field of sports medicine. With the new technology the ball has become more versatile than ever. cheap medicine bals come in many different weights and sizes. 

Having Multiple Sclerosis myself, I am always looking at ways of improving my gate as well as overall physical abilities. Used by secondary schools as a fitness aid, this is something my older children have been using for sometime. Because of the weight of the ball, there is a need to properly shift weight from the rear leg to the front. The med balls are also a great tool for improving dynamic flexibility. The weight of the ball can help improve the functional range over which force must be resisted and applied. If your looking for cheap med balls  that are affordable, portable, durable and dependable I suggest clicking on  medicine balls for cheap    By incorporating some medicine ball exercises into my warm up it is a great way to awaken the nervous system. The further the distance the weight is from the body the greater the core strength and power required to complete the exercises. This is why athletes may be using medicine balls. To increase their core strength. total body power and coordination.



The movement that takes location in this abdominal exercise is extremely tiny and its important to use your abs to lift your hips versus utilizing the momentum of your legs. Itll feel like it only works out the lower abdomen, but in all honesty you are able to separate the lower from the upper and performing workouts that benefit both is extremely important.

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I have found the medicine ball as well. I usually do it with my twin girls, we stand in a circle and pass it from one to the other, trying to pick up speed as we go!

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Lots of great information here-thank you!

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