Friday, February 3, 2012

Mongos Grill Review

This being the 2nd day after moms chemo she's generally really down and sleeping quite a bit. However, today she's wide awake and perky. That being said we stopped at mongo's grill for lunch over the noon hour.

We arrived at 11:50am. There were a few people a head of us and the line moved quite quickly. We were pleasantly greeted and seated immediately by the host who took our drink orders and explained some new options on the grill.

We gathered up our food at the bar and gave it to the cooks. The cooks were pleasant and talkative d well as entertaining. The food was cooked to perfection.

I had the chicken Alfredo which was a limited item from their world of tastes special. It was extremely helpful that I had a recipe as I'm not very good at deciding what to throw together. My mom had the crab which she did herself and was very pleased with. Both of us were very happy with the food and had more than enough to eat.

By the time we left the place was packed and still moving at a steady pace. I highly recommend trying mongos which Carries very healthy food options and even has a list of what to eat for heart health.

Kudos to mongo's grill.


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