Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It seems like yesterday my oldest two kids were moving out of the house. I actually was extremely depressed. It was worse then any empty nest syndrome Id ever heard of. These kids were my life! If I had it my way wed all live like the Walton's for pete-sakes happily ever after. Lucky for me shortly after they moved out they both came home. Call it an adjustment period I got lucky to prepare. My poor kids must have thought I lost my mind as I just wanted to hang out all the time. What I really needed was them to be little again.

By the time the younger 2 moved out I was more prepared for the changes I would again endure. The fact were still raising our 6 year old helps alot. That poor child will never get rid of me. In fact, my grand kids are doomed.

None the less, as my 17 year old daughter was nearing her 18th birthday Miley Cyrus came out with the song "Ready Set, Don't Go". I think I cried my eyes out many times as I listened to that song and certainly its been fitting many times with my children looking back. After all, the best compliment a mother can receive from her child is the ability to fly solo. I had done my best in raising them to be responsible well rounded children. Even though I needed them and I didn't want things to change I knew in my heart they were ready. Not that by any means I had a choice; but I had to let them go.

Moving fast forward, amongst all my fears and tears I'm faced with yet another challenge. This time its not just about me. This time my older daughter came to me and informed me she's highly considering moving out of state! EEEEK!!! I know what your all thinking but I have a bigger challenge than how will this affect me. As the words came out of my daughters mouth I completely understood where she was coming from. After all, she gave us the greatest gift of all. She gave my husband and I a child. Wasn't she suppose to move on with her life too? I understood. It wouldn't be fair of me to hold her back. Her fiance is working there and the two of them have been living apart the past few months. I found myself once again listening to my trusty "Ready set, don't go". The problem is do I support my daughter or beg her to stay? Like the song says, shes waiting on my blessings for she hits that open road....

I'm worried that in her leaving it will deeply affect my youngest daughter. (Her birth child). What affects could this pose for her? How will she feel? Some things are once again going to need to be addressed and my thoughts are that this time we will need to seek the advice of a professional. We haven't said anything at this point as its not set in stone. My heart is already aching to even think of the pain this could cause. One thing is for sure.... things will never be the same and I'm not ready.

this is where I want to but I wont get in her way, of her and her dreams, and spreading her wings....


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