Friday, November 18, 2011

The dirty little secret

I hope be revealing this secret it doesn't bring a rash of phone calls, text messages and emails from long lost relatives. Theres nothing more frustrating then 50 lost relatives rushing in to act like your best friend when they think your gonna die and then disappearing once again. Honestly?
With that in mind, please respect our right to some peace and quiet.

Why is the possibility of cancer a dirty little secret for some men? Honestly! Isn't this a time to lean on family? Not all would agree. Some people, maybe through denial or anger try to bear it alone. My husband included.

I'm sure he will be angry but I'm about to disclose his dirty little secret. The truth is for the past week my husband and I have tried to stay strong and be there for everyone else when what absolutely no one knew was he was being evaluated for testicular cancer.

Thankfully, after further evaluation, it's looking like were safe for now although he does still have to meet with a specialist.

So why do some keep cancer a secret? Why are some embarrassed about cancers like testicular or breast cancer? Please, please remember to get checked and don't ever feel ashamed or embarrassed.

As it turns out he's at greater risk of skin cancer. He will have a removal in a couple weeks.

Just another curve-ball in our lives!



This post is sooo true! When my step-father was diagnosed with prostate cancer he hid from all of us including my mom for months. I don't understand why cancer is a "dirty secret." People can't help or understand if they don't know what is going on. It is nothing to be ashamed of, not something that a person caused by any fault of their own. Great post and very true!! Thanks for sharing. P.S. Hope you didn't get too many phone calls or txt messages and I am glad that things are okay for now with your husband!

Predictable Me

Thank You jenelle. You couldn't be further from the truth. I think part of it may be it's out of their control and they may see it as a weakness.

No, we didn't get a rash of calls this time :-)
My husband, age 45 was in for his heart in February and people we hadn't seen or heard from in 10-20 years were calling night and day. The sad thing is once your ok you don't hear from them again.

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