Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Predictable Me and the un-predictable life

My life is about as unpredictable as one can ever imagine. In order to accomplish all that I do in every day I trust a lot in my iPhone. I set all my reminders and appointments. Access my email, blog, facebook.... the list is never ending.
For example: Imagine when your expecting a baby. You might plan for months. Making every imaginable preparation.
Now in our home I could get a phone call right now or 3am for that matter. It happens quite a bit. Protective services will call looking for a home to house 4 children. Within the hour I would have beds set up and made and rooms arranged to fit everyone. Morning might bring different schools or daycare, another child with me all day, doctors, etc. In our family we really never know.
There are somethings in life that are predictable: That is "Predictable ME" I always try and help everyone anytime I can.
A few days a go I questioned why I was even blogging. I mean I don't think my own family even reads my blog or cares what I'm writing about. I'm pretty sure know one understands that its a few minutes a day just for me. I really don't even have time to come on every day. So... I was ready to give up. All of a sudden my blog just explodes. I've met so many wonderful people in the past couple days and have come to the realization people do still care in this world. You have all lifted my spirits and given me something I must have needed for a long time. A reason to make time for me. If even a few minutes a day or a couple times a week.
Thank you all for joining my predictable quest in my unpredictable life.


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