Friday, February 11, 2011

Cardiac changes are necessary

What a week! We've been through so much and tried to make so many changes yet some things are more resistant then others. I'm learning its harder then I ever imagined cutting down on the cigarettes. Little alone quit! The cardio diet has actually come pretty easy. To be honest we always did eat pretty good but there were some uninformed choices and hidden facts we were unaware of. So were learning to read labels alot better and making some positive progress. Well all except for the 4 motzi sticks I had to have tonight. I'm not quite sure why... I guess its like anything else you don't miss it till its gone. I can't even remember the last time I ate one but today... I HAD TO HAVE IT! Now stress........

Thats a whole new ballgame. No matter how many times I say it. No matter who it is or what we've been through. No one is getting it. I guess when you set a presedence of doing everything you can for everyone your whole life and all of a sudden you say "I need a break" people don't believe you. Well Im telling you I've learned this week by taking my own blood pressure on several occasions that I truly need to slow down. What I always thought was easy Im finding out is taking its toll on me. Im drained. Exhausted to be honest. The hard part is I don't think anyone is listening. It would be easy to just say I cant do it all for everyone anymore but its not that easy when its your family and you love doing it. Were working on it but Im thinking its time to make some time for myself and my husband. Its time to get some sleep too.



I know it's hard, but you're making amazing changes for your family's well being. That deserves so much praise! I can totally relate about the stress. It's very difficult stepping back and doing things just for yourself. As moms we take care of everyone else first. But slowing down for ourselves is a necessity!


I gave you a Stylish Bloggers Award (even though I see you have one on the left)!

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