Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ready set dont go part two

Where do you begin to prepare for a child to move away? Is it even possible? As i tried to prepare myself the past two weeks since my daughters final decission i relize one can never prepare for what youve never been through before. Ive always been fortunate in that all my kids and parents live within a couple miles from me. Any major events, and we seem to have plenty, were right here. The thought of 10 hours apart scares the heck out of me and i cant even imagine what changes are about to come. I feel such a loss and emptiness already as we say our goodbyes this evening after a big family dinner. No more weekend sleep overs, last minute dinners or someone to hang out with. No more rushing to her side or rescuing me. Camping, family picnics and gatherings won't be the same.

More than my loss however, is the loss a child will feel. As I struggle to deal with my own emotions I remain strong for her. How will she handle all of this when she relizes what has all happened? I pray for the best and ask for guidance as we all start the new year with a whole new chapter in this journey in our lives.

Here's to new beginnings, strength to pull us all through changes we will endure and the love and patience as we find new ways to stay close.

Good luck in your new adventures. May god keep you safe. Know we love you dearly.

this is where I want to but I wont get in her way, of her and her dreams, and spreading her wings....


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