Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Journey...Ovarian Cancer and the Fight to Live

I often speak about my family and special moments in my life. This week even I'm living on the edge. My already crazy life is somewhere between my norm and loosing my mind. So many life changes are occurring so swiftly I cant catch my breath and time stands still for no one. To be honest, I think about my blog daily but I cant find a moment of time to put down the racing thoughts which speed through my mind.

Yesterday at a routine appointment with my Mom. My suspicions were confirmed. Her ovarian cancer is once again bearing its ugly teeth. The doctor informs us its stage 4 and because she was in remission for 7 months its now considered chronic. My mom is an extremely strong person. Stubborn and bullheaded and does not give up the fight easily. However, when the doctor said this is the way its going to go now. Chemo, chemo, chemo until she looses the fight. I completely fell apart!

Ive decided to start a documentary on our journey through cancer and this battle together. She and I and my 5 year old have done it all the past year. So this time, video camera in hand, we will go everywhere. Its unfortunate we've already had problems with the camera but I will be using a different one and hope to educate the public as well as leave something behind for our children and grandchildren. A time capsule of moms memories as told by her.

I am concerned about my 5 year old and how she will handle all this. I plan to be honest and upfront.  I pray with all my heart and soul for my mother. I know she can beat this or give it a heck of a battle. I ask all my friends, family, and followers to pray for her and give her the strength to once again beat the odds on this horrific illness.

Please follow my family and offer any words of encouragement or advice you may have. We learn in life through one another.


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